Fertilizer Markets, Products and Technologies

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Fertilizer Markets, Products and Technologies

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You will learn about the various types of fertilizers, the various fertilizer production technologies and fertilizer finishing technologies with its pros and cons, the role of fertilizers, the market trends and players in the fertilizer business and the hazards of the various fertilizers and fertilizer production technologies.

The role of nitrogen and environmental consequences as well as Green House Gas emissions will also be discussed.

Module 1: Fertilizer Market (duration 2hrs)
1. What is Fertilizer
2. The role of Fertilizers worldwide
3. The role of each nutrient
4. What are the market drivers
5. The role of Nitrogen
6. The environmental consequences
7. Agriculture and Green House Gas emissions
8. Ammonia as Fuel
9. Fertilizer market situation per continent

Module 2: Fertilizer Products and Production Technologies (duration 1.5hrs)
1. Overview of the various fertilizers
2. Nitrogen (N)
3. Phosphates (P2O5)
4. Potassium (K2O)
5. NPK
6. Sulphur (S)
7. Nitrogen & Sulphur
8. Micronutrients (B, Fe, Ca, etc), organic / recycle materials
9. Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Module 3: Fertilizer Finishing Technologies (duration 2hrs)
1. Various solid fertilizer products
2. Prilling tower
3. Oil prilling
4. Rotoformer
5. Fluid bed granulation
6. Drum granulation
7. Pugmill granulation
8. Pan granulation
9. Prill fattening
10. Compacting
11. Extrusion
12. Coating / Seedcore
13. Bulk blending

Module 4: Safety, Health & Environmental aspects (duration 1hr)
1. Compatibility of solid fertilizers
2. Nitrates (fire, detonation)
3. Anhydrous ammonia
4. Phosphates (HF, phosphogypsum)
5. Sulphur (fire, SO2, explosion)
6. Nutrient use efficiencies

Optionally we can add to above modules a Market Strategy Discussion for your products and services.