Author: Rob Gommans

Rob Gommans

Materials & Corrosion Engineer

Rob Gommans is a materials and corrosion expert and has been working in the field of metal’s behaviour since his graduation (M.Sc.) in 1987 at Delft Technical University in The Netherlands. Until 2000 he worked at DSM’s Materials and Corrosion Department. Since 2000 Rob has worked as an independent consultant for many companies all over the world. These companies mainly include ammonia/methanol/syngas plants, ethylene plants and power/steam-generation. He is specialised in the structural integrity of plants and equipment. This includes the mechanical and corrosion behaviour of metals in their environment and loading, defining and predicting of failure and degradation mechanisms, failure investigations, trouble shooting, welding & repair advice, problem solving, fitness for service and remaining life assessments. Rob is active as convenor of the WG-Materials for the Rules for Boiler and Pressure Vessels in The Netherlands. He is also convenor of the Dutch Creep Committee and member of the European Collaborative Creep Committee. Rob has published a number of technical papers and also provides training courses illustrated with failure cases.

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    Courses by Rob Gommans:

    6 modules with 44 lessons

    High-Temperature (HT) Failure Modes in Ammonia Plants

    This course will present in separate modules the most important high-temperature failure modes like metal dusting, HTHA, nitriding, creep and DMW occurring in ammonia plants.

    The parameters influencing these high-temperature failure modes are elaborated.

    It is explained how to mitigate the failure modes by correct choice of the materials of construction and equipment design.