Author: Jan Geerlings

Jan Geerlings

Welding, Material & Inspection Engineer

Geerlings is trained as an Welding, Material & Inspection Engineer, specialized in welding. He has all the qualifications necessary to perform this function. His competencies were recently acknowledged again by his re-accreditation for a period of 3 years by International Institute of Welding (IIW) authorized by Netherlands Institute of Welding, as a recognized welding expert. He has built up a good name and reputation over a period of more than 35 years in this specialist field. Especially over the twenty years he has gained a broad experience in welding and troubleshooting with a large number of (internationally operating) companies in several technical positions with various responsibilities over the world. This knowledge and experience is the reason why he was appointed as a Welding, Material & Inspection Engineer by different companies in the fertilizer industry.

Geerlings experienced during the period he was working as a professional in the fertilizing industry that is of utmost importance that the use of a up-to-date knowledge base and actual competences give substance to the changing set of tasks and responsibilities for a welding expert. Over the years he established many contacts (internal and external), where he could bring together many and various interests in new projects, where the participation in interdisciplinary projects becomes a requirement, and where a pro-active attitude to knowledge development and knowledge sharing (internal and external) is a prerequisite. For Geerlings it is clear that working with shared goals and different responsibilities in interdisciplinary teams is the environment where he feels most comfortable.

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