Author: Bob Edmondson

Bob Edmondson

Ammonia Process Consultant

Bob has over 40 years of experience in Nitrogen Fertilizers with work done for Kellogg, Uhde, Fluor, CF Braun , N-Ren plants in Canada, China, Trinidad. Revamps include taking plants to 140+% of nameplate for ammonia and 165% for urea. A number of interesting revamp items include:

• Process air compressor capacity increase with supplementary air injection, • Expanding Reformer radiant section capacity by extension of box and addition of tubes • Addition of feed gas saturator coil • Desulfurization expansion • Pre-reformer addition • Secondary reformer boiler upgrades • Benfield unit debottlenecking • Syngas compressor boosting • Makeup gas ammonia converter with waste heat boiler • Ammonia wash with loop rerouting • Refrigeration capacity increase • Synthesis loop debottlenecking • HRU capacity increase • Turbine Upgrades

For urea plants his experience is mainly with Stamicarbon technology and revamps to increase synthesis and granulation capacity to 165% of nameplate.

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    Courses by Bob Edmondson:

    34 lessons

    Ammonia Process for Operators and Engineers

    This training course is a combination of theoretical principles of various ammonia plant operation combined with operational experience.

    Suitable for both operators and engineers willing to go the next step forward and understand the basic theory behind the design of ammonia plants. The training address main ammonia plant units, key equipment design and modelling as well performance evaluation.