Author: Bob Edmondson

Bob Edmondson

Ammonia Process Consultant

Bob has over 40 years of experience in Nitrogen Fertilizers with work done for Kellogg, Uhde, Fluor, CF Braun , N-Ren plants in Canada, China, Trinidad. Revamps include taking plants to 140+% of nameplate for ammonia and 165% for urea. A number of interesting revamp items include:

• Process air compressor capacity increase with supplementary air injection, • Expanding Reformer radiant section capacity by extension of box and addition of tubes • Addition of feed gas saturator coil • Desulfurization expansion • Pre-reformer addition • Secondary reformer boiler upgrades • Benfield unit debottlenecking • Syngas compressor boosting • Makeup gas ammonia converter with waste heat boiler • Ammonia wash with loop rerouting • Refrigeration capacity increase • Synthesis loop debottlenecking • HRU capacity increase • Turbine Upgrades

For urea plants his experience is mainly with Stamicarbon technology and revamps to increase synthesis and granulation capacity to 165% of nameplate.

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