Ammonia Plant courses

2 modules, 10 lessons

This course will contribute to a better understanding in the root cause and mechanism of ammonia Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). Information is presented regarding preventive measures and inspection technologies on this failure mode. The target group of this course comprises process, mechanical and inspection engineers of fertilizer plants handling liquid ammonia.

6 lessons

Operation and maintenance staff need to understand health & safety basics in the workplace when operating around ammonia facilities.

Our Ammonia Awareness training program has been developed to provide employers and employees with a general understanding of the threats to ammonia, help them to recognize the threats and vulnerabilities to their company’s assets, and respond to them appropriately.

15 topics

Ammonia is produced from synthesis gas containing hydrogen and nitrogen in the ratio of approximately 3:1. This training course describes the process units, operation parameters and theory of the reactions involved in ammonia production.

The purpose of this training program is to provide operators and engineers with an introduction to ammonia process units and get them familiarized with the ammonia plants.

6 modules with 44 lessons

High-Temperature (HT) Failure Modes in Ammonia Plants

This course will present in separate modules the most important high-temperature failure modes like metal dusting, HTHA, nitriding, creep and DMW occurring in ammonia plants.

The parameters influencing these high-temperature failure modes are elaborated.

It is explained how to mitigate the failure modes by correct choice of the materials of construction and equipment design.

23 lessons

Ammonia Storage Tanks Decommissioning and Recommissioning Training

Ammonia Storage Tanks are an integral part of any ammonia plant and the safety and integrity of these tanks are of utmost importance to the operating companies and to the communities at the location.

This training covers the decommissioning & commissioning activities for tanks depletion, warming up, purging with nitrogen and air and creating the condition for internal inspection.

34 lessons

Ammonia Process for Operators and Engineers

This training course is a combination of theoretical principles of various ammonia plant operation combined with operational experience.

Suitable for both operators and engineers willing to go the next step forward and understand the basic theory behind the design of ammonia plants. The training address main ammonia plant units, key equipment design and modelling as well performance evaluation.

15 modules with 54 lessons

Fundamentals and Best Practices for Ammonia Plants Operation and Maintenance

This training course outlines the standards and best practices for the Ammonia Plant Operation and Maintenance.

It covers operation, maintenance, storage and handling and is a reference for engineering and design and emergency planning and response for facilities that manufacture or store Ammonia to manufacture fertilizers and explosive grade ammonium nitrate.

11 modules with 14 lessons

Ammonia Plant Operation – Advanced Training

Ammonia Plant Operation – Advanced Training is developed for more experienced operators and can transition field operators to control room operators.

Trainees will better understand potential operational upsets and troubleshooting during ammonia plant start-up, routine operation, and emergency shut-down.

11 modules with 14 lessons

Ammonia Plant Operation – Beginner Training

Ammonia Plant Operation – Beginner Training aims to introduce the ammonia plants operators and engineers in the  operational phases of a typical ammonia plant.

Trainees will understand the preparation of each unit for start‐up, normal operation and checks, shut‐down and main process upsets and deviations for each unit.