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Fertilizer Academy is the online training platform for fertilizer industry. Its mission is to share the industry experience, avoid operation mistakes and prevent process incidents.

Fertilizer Academy training courses are prepared by an independent group of senior specialists with extensive experience in design, construction, commissioning, maintenance and operation of ammonia, urea, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate plants. We are not affiliate to an EPC organization or technology licensors and without any corporate constrains, we develop our training courses based on real life experience and incidents case studies.

With careers dating back from 1975, thanks to the latest technologies, we can now share our expertise with the younger generations. Fertilizer Academy training courses cover subject areas like Ammonia and Urea Plant Operation, Process Safety, Incidents and Case Studies, Corrosion and Material Selection, High Pressure Equipment, and others.

Custom made training courses for fertilizer companies are available upon request. Subtitles in various languages can be developed making our training courses available to all operators and engineers worldwide.

Live streaming courses, with simultaneous translation in various languages, making direct interaction with our trainers easy by eliminating language barriers are also available subject to request.

2 modules, 10 lessons

This course will contribute to a better understanding in the root cause and mechanism of ammonia Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). Information is presented regarding preventive measures and inspection technologies on this failure mode. The target group of this course comprises process, mechanical and inspection engineers of fertilizer plants handling liquid ammonia.

6 lessons

Operation and maintenance staff need to understand health & safety basics in the workplace when operating around ammonia facilities.

Our Ammonia Awareness training program has been developed to provide employers and employees with a general understanding of the threats to ammonia, help them to recognize the threats and vulnerabilities to their company’s assets, and respond to them appropriately.

2 modules with 15 lessons

Understanding thermodynamics and phase diagrams are vital to understand why a urea plant is designed as it is and why it reacts on disturbances as it does. This course will support managers, engineers, (shift) supervisors and operators to optimize the operating conditions leading to higher safety and reliability and better performance figures of any kind of urea plant.


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